HikeWe started doing this hiking spot long time ago, and after a while, we decided to put it in our tours list, cause its something amazing.

This hike spot is in the South Shore area of the bay, and its pretty nice and relaxing, is this mix where the jungle of the Sierra Madre hits the Ocean, where you will see amazing views of beautiful beaches, where theres not road to get.

You will be touching and feeling the jungle, and watching amazing animal, also Marine life, and breathing pure air.

If you decide to have some nice meal in a nice restaurant by the Ocean, we will be more tan happy to take you. Our way back will be by boat.


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Tour: 5 hours approx.


Hiker $70 USD

Pick-ups: At the meeting points.

Pick up time: 9:00 am to 2:00pm

Availability: Monday – Sunday